Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 648

Rosie is a multifaceted cat. Yes, she has a knack for numbers and science and logic, but she also loves getting lost in a good story. I found out that she really enjoys being read to, especially storybooks. We’ve gone through half of Connor’s library, and Rosie just can’t seem to get enough. Her favorites, surprisingly, are the picture books with a soft, dreamy feel to them. I think she likes exploring other worlds through fiction and stories.

She’s also a dreamer, which I didn’t expect based on our initial conversations about dark matter and astrophysics. I used to wonder if she ever led with her heart, and I think she just might. I catch her sometimes thoughtfully staring out into the distance watching butterflies and looking as though she’s crafting an elaborate storybook world in her head.

Well, duty calls. Rosie just asked if I’d read her another book (Hans Christian Andersen’s Complete Fairy Tales). A cat lady’s work is never done. 🙂

Of course storytelling always came naturally to Tabs. He was a true showman (cat?), after all. One of the things that made him such a great kitty model was his ability to convey a story with just his body, or with his eyes. He could convey the emotional depth in a 300-page novel with a single flick of his whiskers!

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