Soft Bronze and Beige-Pink Tones for Glowing Lids, Lips and Cheeks (And a Baked Chicken Recipe to Curb Dinner Rage)

jane iredale naturally glam
A glowing look for an action-packed day! (Not really.)

This is one of those looks I didn’t do for any reason in particular other than it seemed like fun, because I ended up only sitting around the house like this, but dang if it wasn’t still fun! And I’ve got the pictures to save it for posterity!

I wish I’d thought of someplace interesting to take it out for a spin, even though I have low-key anxiety now around large groups of people. Soft, sparkling lids like this deserve to see the world, haha!

jane iredale naturally glam

I didn’t really plan on this color palette with bronzes and soft beige-pinks. It just kind of happened, but I love how it turned out. It’s so delicate and girly, and it reminds me a little bit of the pink blush shades ballet dancers wear in their leotards, tights and tutus.

jane iredale naturally glam
Swatches of today’s makeup

The Jane Iredale Naturally Glam Palette

The glowing goodness happening on my lids comes courtesy of the magical Naturally Glam Eye Shadow Kit by Jane Iredale. They’re a cruelty-free line that does mineral makeup.

Have you ever put something on — I dunno, a bra or a pair of jeans or a shirt — that instantly lights you up and makes you feel good? That’s what happened to me with this palette. The powders have that perfect balance of pearl and pigment, and they’re awfully flattering. They sparkle in a non-frosty and totally forgiving way, and the pigment packs just enough punch (I’d call it mid-level, since it’s definitely NOT full-blown intensity) to delicately define lids and lash lines.

jane iredale naturally glam
Jane Iredale Naturall Glam Eye Shadow Kit

For this look, I buffed the golden beige (the one in the big circle) all over my lids as a base, then blended the gold (inner corner) and the mid-toned brown taupe (outer corner) directly on top. Then, I wet an angled liner brush and loaded it with the dark brown to line my lash lines. To finish the look, I tightlined with MAC Teddy, which goes great with this palette’s bronze vibe, and coated my lashes with mascara.

jane iredale naturally glam
Well, hi there!

Nude lip combo of the moment

Oh! — I’m back on a nude lip kick (What can I say? I love me a soft lip.) and found a new pinkish nude lip combo to share…

origins sweeter than honey hourglass provoke gloss
Origins Sweeter Than Honey Lipstick and Hourglass Provoke Gloss

I feel like this lip could also be cool with a darker, unblended lip liner for a ’90s vibe too…

Makeup worn in this look

The Dinner Rage chronicles, part 3,456

I mentioned to a friend of mine that I’ve been having major Dinner Rage lately (FYI, it’s that feeling that kicks in about an hour before dinnertime when I realize that I have to make food YET AGAIN, hahaha), and she passed along her go-to baked chicken recipe for these days.

vinegar chicken olive

vinegar chicken olives

It’s a vinegar chicken with crushed olive dressing, and I made it the other day… It turned out OK, even though I under-seasoned it, because I always have a hard time when recipes call for you to just season things with salt and pepper at your will (I always end up erroring on the side of not seasoning enough).

Here’s the recipe in case you want to try it, by the way. Oh, and I ended up substituting the wine vinegar with apple cider vinegar and using dried parsley instead of fresh because that’s what I had. If you make it, let me know how it goes!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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