Saturday Surfing, February 20, 2021

tray of play food

Good morning and happy Caturday, fellow feline-and-fabulosity aficionado! 😺💅🤗 Guess which lucky lady got treated to this delightful tray of breakfast treats this morning?! Chef Coco prepared this spread for me, and I gotta say…my family knows me pretty well because I love to start my Saturdays with a croissant.

How much do you wanna bet there’s a real café somewhere on this planet that serves French fries and bow-tie pasta for breakfast? I bet.

But can it beg for treats?


Will somebody please pry these worn-out skinny off me and put me in these clothes, THX.

I can’t stop looking at her nails.

My fave Britney video

Note to self

A fighter’s mindset

One of the reasons I love Pilates: you don’t have to wear shoes.

Well, I think I found my next makeup project.

So, what’s for breakfast today? Whatever it is, I hope it’s tasty! Can I have some? 😁

Have a wonderful weekend!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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