5 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately

1. My So Called Life on Hulu

Oh, Angela Chase and all her teenage drama!

I used to love this show back in the day, and what’s interesting to me now, watching it as a full-blown adult, is the parents… DANG. They look *really* young! I remember watching this show as a teen/young adult and the parents looking, like, you know, regular parents — the people who would send you to your room and ground you if you got too sassy.

And oh, the ’90s fashion. All the high-waisted jeans and the floral dresses! It makes me wish I would’ve saved more of my ’90s wardrobe.

I like to imagine where Angela, Rickie and Rayanne ended up in life… Perhaps they Zoomed together during quarantine? LOL!

2. Chanel Ultra Le Teint Ultrawear All-Day Comfort Flawless Finish Foundation

Well, this foundation from Chanel is just lovely! It’s a full-coverage, soft matte foundation that feels comfy and lasts all day. I like how natural it looks on my skin, how it doesn’t feel heavy and how easily it blends. It’s also available in 30 shades.

chanel ultra le teint bd51
A full-coverage matte foundation that lasts all day

3. The soundtrack to Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts

So, I’ve actually never watched a full episode of this animated show, only bits and pieces because it’s always on at our house. El hub and Connor are obsessed with it! The parts I’ve seen are hilarious and very clever, so eventually I’ll watch it, but for now I’m all about the music. The soundtrack is really good. Catchy and totally dance-able, and full of songs I wish were on the radio, but for unknown reasons are not.

4. Universal Thread Sleeveless Knit Dress

I just got this $20 dress from Target in black, and I’m excited to wear it to the pool and the beach when the weather gets warmer. First of all, 20 bucks! Second, it’s 100% cotton, and the cotton feels good, too. It’s soft, relatively thick, and it skims the body nicely.

5. The front tuck and the half tuck

While we’re on the subject of clothes, I’ve been wearing my button-up (button-down?) shirts like this lately, and all I have to say is why didn’t I discover this sooner?

I feel like I definitely look taller and leaner when I wear my shirts this way. Let the front tuck and half tuck change your life, babe!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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