5 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately

1. Old-school Gap body splash scents from the ’90s

Remember Grass? And Dream?! I loved those back in the day. I found them recently at a Gap Outlet near my house, and I had to grab a bottle just for fun. I didn’t get Heaven though because one of my college roommates (who I eventually had a falling out with) wore it all the time, and every time I catch a whiff of it now, all I smell is betrayal, ha ha ha!

gap grass body mist

gap heaven body mist

2. This $15 racerback tank dress from Eddie Bauer

It’s light as a feather and isn’t see-through. Oh, and did I mention that it’s only $14.99? I bought the solid black and blue and white striped!

3. Girl’s lunch dates at Panera

This is my favorite place to take Connor on lunch dates when it’s just us two, because THERE IS SO MUCH GLUTEN! 😂 I know it’s not super fancy or anything, but if you’re living that mom life, or if you just don’t want to cook, Panera has a lot going for it.

Logistically speaking: 1) there are always tables available (having a readily available place to put all your crap down is key), and 2) the bathroom is roomy, clean and easy to get to. Food-wise, I know Connor can always find something to eat, which is usually their mac and cheese, and I can always find a salad and soup that’ll suit whatever mood I’m in. Last time we were there, I got the Strawberry Poppyseed Salad with Chicken and the Broccoli Cheddar Soup. The prices aren’t too steep, either.

Sometimes we’ll split a cookie or a brownie for dessert, and occasionally on my way out I’ll grab a loaf of bread to go!

panera lunch with connor

panera lunch with connor

4. Fuji Apple Salad Dressing from Panera

Speaking of Panera, the Fuji Apple Salad is one of my favorites! I like to make different versions of it at home with this salad dressing, which I get at Target.

panera fuji apple dressing

5. Ranier Cherries

Are you obsessed? BECAUSE I TOTALLY AM. I could happily eat an entire XXL bowl of these sweet and juicy cherries all by myself! Where I live in Northern California, though, the window to buy them is narrow. One week you see ’em, the next week you don’t. Poof! They’re gone until next year. So, whenever I run into them at the market, I buy as many as I can.

rainier cherries

What have you been loving lately?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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