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J’ Organics Founder, Johanne Joseph, shares her story of how she learned to love her hair and the inspiration behind her brand. 

Hype Hair: What does your hair mean to you? 

Johanne Joseph: My hair is very important to me because it’s my crown and my glory. It is very important for me to make sure that my crown is well taken care of.

Hype Hair: What was your relationship with your hair like when you were younger? 

Johanne Joseph: Oh my goodness! Growing up with “4zzz” hair was tough, even as a little girl no one wanted to really deal with my hair because of how coarse and unruly my hair was. My grandma used to detangle my hair with okra leaves juice or hibiscus flower juice in order for her to be able to comb through it. I used to cry so much and hide whenever it was time to get my hair done, I hated it so much! My grandma ended up putting a relaxer on it which caused all of it to come out and the story goes on and on LOL. SO many bad memories. Because of these previous bad experiences, I really had to educate myself and get to know and understand my hair in order to have the love I have for it today. Now, I feel so blessed to have this type of hair, I enjoy the versatility and the volume my hair provides.

Hype Hair: Were there any “hair myths” or incorrect practices you had to unlearn when it came to your hair maintenance?

Johanne Joseph: Not that I can remember because I’ve been in the beauty industry for so long and my job has always been to find solutions when it comes to maintaining the hair. The ultimate myth that I’m making it my mission to eliminate is “4c hair is bad hair.” This blows my mind, because… Bad hair where!??

Hype Hair: What is your daily hair routine? 

Johanne Joseph: As a busy mom with a small baby, I try to keep my daily hair routine very simple yet effective. I mostly wear my hair in protective twists during the week. Every night before bed, I oil my scalp with the J’Organic Growth Plus scalp Serum and rub some J.O.S Growth and Strengthening Moisturizer all over my twists before braiding them into 5 big plaits. I then rod the ends and put on my J’Organic luxurious high-quality satin bonnet. I take the braids out every morning to get a nice curly twisted look and then I take those twists out on Friday evening and wear a twist out for the following week. I wash and deep condition on the following Sunday evening with the J’Organic solutions Growth plus Hydrating shampoo and Argan oil Hair mask, moisturize using the JOS Growth & Strengthening Moisturizer, seal with the Moringa shea yogurt and repeat the same routine again.

Hype Hair: What healthy hair tips can you share? 

Johanne Joseph: Some tips I live by are: 

  1. Stop holding on to dead ends, try getting your ends trimmed At least every three months. 
  2. Use the J’Organic Hydrating Shampoo to clarify your hair and scalp to remove build-up so that your hair can receive all the good nutrients you’ll be adding to it. 
  3. Never skip the deep conditioning process!
  4. Be sure to keep your hair moisturized and lubricated.
  5. Wear a good quality satin bonnet at night or sleep on a satin pillowcase or do both!

Hype Hair: How important is it for you to create all natural products? 

Johanne Joseph: It is a top priority for me because so many people of African descent are suffering from all types of diseases and hormonal disorders and most of those disorders are due to a lot of the products that are being advertised specifically to us. So as a black woman, it is very important for me to offer my own people better alternatives.

Hype Hair: How has being from Haiti shaped who you are today?

Johanne Joseph: Being from Haiti has helped me to see life from a different perspective. I am able to appreciate and take full advantage of all the resources and opportunities that are available here and never take things for granted.

Hype Hair: What inspires you everyday ? 

Johanne Joseph: Black Women! Watching all those beautiful black queens building empires, moving mountains despites all the obstacles that the world has put before us and yet we are still making things happen. I am truly inspired and very proud of us. 

Hype Hair: What tips can you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Johanne Joseph: Take that first step now! Start with what you have, keep on pushing forward, and learn as you go.

Hype Hair: Where can readers find your products? 

Johanne Joseph: On my website at,, and They can follow my pages on Facebook and Instagram @j_organickids  @J_organicslutions @miss.Jfab

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