Wednesday scent of the day 5/19 :: Now Smell This

SotD = Luci ed Ombre

light and shadow for a cloudy Wednesday morning. The incense in Luci ed Ombre smooths out the tuberose so it’s never screechy, just a beautiful cloud of serenity.

I wore Avignon yesterday, Bogue MEM and Breath of God are on my desk for the next few days. Meditative is a good place to be.

That photo of Guanyin makes me happy. My grandmother collected art from China and Japan as well as the Pacific Islands. She had a more than four foot tall statue she called Kwan Yin that was similar in form to the one in today’s photo, though her right arm reached gently forward rather than out to the side. My grandparents traveled a lot. They dispersed much of their art to their children before they departed for a year in Fiji and the surrounding areas.

So Kwan Yin came to live at my house when I was about 5 years old. Most days before I Ieft for school I would pat her leg a few times and look into her face. I didn’t know who she was then, but I knew that I loved her serene expression, and that she would be waiting to greet me when I walked through my front door every afternoon.

A few years later my family moved to a new city, and for some reason my mother decided to give Kwan Yin back to my grandmother, who gave her to my uncle. He still has her, and though I’ve looked for decades I’ve never found another like her. I have seen many beautiful depictions of Guanyin (and Tara) in my search, so it’s all good. :D

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