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Donatella Versace and her perfume cabinets

Tax day might be postponed, again, but Donatella, Our Lady of Creative Perfume Math,1, despite being awfully busy with her Medusa Power Talks and Shanghai pop-up, did not want to postpone her quarterly visit to hear the confessions of her flock. She’d very much like to know what you bought in the 1st quarter (January, February and March) of 2021. 

Note that if you have javascript disabled, you won’t be able to vote in the poll, but you can still record your purchases in the comments.

My purchases…

I have been more interested in buying clothing this past quarter, thinking I might actually have someplace to wear new things this year, but no new perfume so far.

As always, report your purchases in the comments if you dare! And as always, we don’t include samples or gifts, and you can count miniatures, decants and bottle-splits howsoever you like (I usually count them as half bottles). Samples don’t generally count at all, even though some of us spend considerable sums obtaining them.

1. Why does Donatella host (against her will, mind you) the damage polls? There is no real reason other than the picture of her perfume collection, which shows that she indulges regularly at the perfume counter. The image, by the way, is originally from Allure magazine and appears here courtesy of Blogdorf Goodman.

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