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In case you have a few spare pennies, Guerlain’s reissue of 1911’s Kadine: “Thierry Wasser, Guerlain’s Master Perfumer, has recomposed Kadine, staying scrupulously close to Jacques Guerlain’s original composition. As the torch is handed down from one House perfumer to another, a never-ending story emerges; an eternal beginning wherein the fragrances of yesterday (re)live today. The very apex of refinement, Kadine is expressed as an Extrait de Parfum. Its composition is revealed through a contrast between the delicate character of the floral notes and the intensity of a rich, textured base. Its powdery-floral heart marries two queens of perfumery—rose and jasmine—with delicately smooth iris. Signature of the Guerlain Perfumers, bergamot, coupled with aromatic notes, provides the fragrance with its multiple facets. So very Guerlain, the base exudes opulence through notes of leather and vanilla.” €690 for 30 ml.

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