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Two of the items from the limited edition, 17-piece Chanel Factory 5 collection, due to launch on the 29th of this month: at left, the body oil, and at right, the body cream. There is also a paint can with individual shower gel pods, a paint can with scented bath tablets, and a squeezable packet (it looks like a refill) of the body lotion. Why this packaging? “Through this concept, we want to return to the creation process of the first N°5 packaging. At the time, it was a simple laboratory bottle, a functional object that became luxurious and iconic. There was already this notion of transforming a common, ultra-functional object into a precious one. Chanel Factory 5 celebrates this approach, this step to the side, in its own way.” (I have not yet seen prices anywhere, but there will also be Chanel Factory 5 pop-up shops in selected cities.)

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