The daily lemming

Yet another luxury home scenting object from Diptyque: the Stone & Grand Antique Marble diffuser. “Atypical and delightfully decorative. Made from the recuperated cuttings of marble slabs, shaped and polished by hand, each object is unique, and made exclusively for diptyque. The marble known as “Grand Antique” from the Pyrénnée région in France, is one of the most prestigious marbles in the world; instantly recognizable by its bold veins of contrasting black and white. Hand-crafted by the skilled artisans of a studio in the Ariège region of France, specializing in marble and precious stones. For use with diptyque sablier refills, sold separately: imbibe the wool felt contained in the aluminum cup, and then place on sphere, turning it upside-down to release even more delicate hints of perfume.” $295. Hat tip to Kevin!

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