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And here we have the 2022 crystal limited edition of Lalique de Lalique, Fougères. (You can see the 2021 model here.) “Renowned the world over for the unmatched skills of its craftsmen, Lalique dedicates its magnificent 2022 Limited Edition to the art of glassmaking. The “Fougères” flacon evokes the impressive moment when the glassmaker takes up a glowing drop of molten crystal from the crucible with a slender cane: the birth of the spectacular piece. In another nod to the delicate process of crystal-making, the flacon is decorated with ferns (fougères in French). The plant, which grows in the forests surrounding the Cristallerie Lalique in Wingen-sur-Moder (Alsace), is also a major element of glassmaking. Rich in potash, fern ash has been produced for centuries to lower the melting temperature of glass to 1400-1500 degrees centigrade.” 80 ml Parfum, $1800.

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