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Italian niche line Santa Maria Novella has introduced the Firenze 1221 Edition collection, celebrating the brand’s 800 years of history (the monastery was established by Dominican friars in 1221). Firenze 1221 includes seven fragrances from the back catalog (Acqua della Regina aka Acqua di S.M. Novella aka Queen’s Water, Angeli di Firenze, Fresia, Melograno, Pot Pourri, Rosa Novella and Tabacco Toscano) and one new scent: Rosa Gardenia.

Rosa Gardenia, a new story of endless grace.

A new creation, visionary and inspiring, which embodies the endless grace of wonderful flowers. Rosa Gardenia tells you a new story, inspired by 800 years of tradition, just waiting to become your story.

The queen of all flowers, the rose, and the softness and creaminess of the gardenia come together to form a single fragrance. The top notes amaze, the middle notes seduce, and the bottom notes envelop softly, completing a courtship, a conquering flowery dance.

Additional notes for the musky floral include bergamot, almond blossom, orange blossom, fig flower, jasmine, sandalwood, vanilla and musk.

Santa Maria Novella Rosa Gardenia is available in 50 ($90) and 100 ($135) ml Eau de Cologne.

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