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Bigarade Jasmin is a member of Fragonard‘s Garden Collection of perfumes but its character reminded me of another “garden” — Hermès garden range of fragrances.

On first spray, Bigarade Jasmin provides a scented blast of grapefruit, tangy orange peel and indolic jasmine aromas. The scent is brisk but summery; it’s fresh without being “clean.” If you love Eaux de Cologne with their citruses and florals, Bigarade Jasmin should satisfy. To me, Bigarade Jasmin’s heart accord smells more like lemongrass and tarragon than cypress or moss (listed fragrance notes are jasmine, Seville orange, bergamot, grapefruit, cypress, oak moss and cedar). The extreme dry down is sheer, fruity musk.

Many of Fragonard’s fragrances are a good value for the money (“cheap thrills”). This one smells much better (quality-wise) than a recent citrus I tried that was close to $200 for 100 ml.

Aside: Bigarade Jasmin smells “natural;” not so with two other fragrances in the line I had a chance to wear. Jasmin Perle de Thé is harsh, with moth-ball florals and a musky note that smelled of singed hair. Grenade Pivoine is a dated, generic, synthetic-smelling fruity floral with a bitter edge.

Bigarade Jasmin is available in perfume and soap: 50 ml Eau de Parfum, $55; 150 g soap, $15.


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