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French niche line Pierre Guillaume has launched Citrus Lights, with three fragrances. 07 SolSekia, 7.1 Grand Siècle Intense and 7.2 Morning in Tipasa are intended “as a sensory shower, a ritual of purification: after the emotional winter… time for citrus lights”. 

07 SolSekia (above right) ~ A citrus woody floral musk. “SolSekia is a private garden on the Mayan Riviera: the softness of a Mexican Orange Blossom caressed by the sea winds, the vegetal freshness of Aloe Vera enhanced by the chilli pepper leaves.” Additional notes include citrus, blue agave, pimento, driftwood and vetiver.

7.1 Grand Siècle Intense (not shown) ~ A powdery chypre citrus; a redo of the 2014 edition. “For this 2021 rewriting, the classic duo Hesperides-Vetiver, expresses itself through new proportions. Free of aromatics, citrus fruits radiate, tearing with their subtle nuances, a veil of iris and honey hiding a chypre background with a contemporary roundness.” Additional notes include bergamot, tangerine, orange bigarade, lemon leaves, galbanum, cypress and vetiver-chypre.

7.2 Morning in Tipasa (above left) ~ An aromatic citrus. “Wedding in Tipasa (1938) by Albert Camus is one of my favorite texts: The author vividly depicts the summer, the rites of youth in Tipasa, with its Roman ruins and the sea below, exalting nature and the beauty of bodies under the sun. “Possession of the wave”… the words of Camus resonate in my head as a perfumer and my mind wanders among the remains scattered between sea and mountain, listing the Algerian flora: bergamot trees, wild lemongrass, peppermint, Mediterranean pine and jujube tree in the “sun-blackened” countryside. Diving in the water from the rocks, one morning in Tipasa…”

Pierre Guillaume 07 SolSekia, 7.1 Grand Siècle Intense and 7.2 Morning in Tipasa are available in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

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