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French niche line Pierre Guillaume has launched 30 Alphaora, a new unisex fragrance.

The name: A portmanteau word, invented, in the purest PG style. First work (alpha) on the theme “Glam’moss”, the quest for a perfumeaura (ora), tenacious and ultra diffusing, where the Mousse of Assam matches the blood orange (ora).

“An imaginary tree moss as complex as it is deep, revealing an amber warmth between sage, dried fruit and blond tobacco. The sweet sap of Hinoki Wood, the strange floral vapor of an albizia under the sun crowned by the brightness of the blood orange ”. Pierre GUILLAUME

Technical description, the origin of the formula: The structure of Alphaora is modelled on the architecture of Sucre d’ébène (2010): a floral heart dominated by an overdose of Hedione confers diffusion and volume to a woody-sweet, refreshed with citrus and gently spicy notes. While Sucre d’ébène rests on a massive base of musk infused with balsamic notes, Alphaora blossoms in a vapor of ambregris, acting like a magnifying glass on an imaginary tree moss accord with hints of dried fruit and blond tobacco.

Pierre Guillaume 30 Alphaora is available in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

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