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Olivier Durbano has launched Quartz Quantic 17:8, a new limited edition fragrance. Last year, the brand introduced Aram, also a limited edition.

Quartz Quantic 17:8 ~ “Smell the M.iracle // Feel the M.iracle // Thinking. Reflecting the Light // Thinking, healing … Reflecting the Light // ticking, coin toss, Mystery …” With notes of pine needle, oliban, bergamot, hyssop, kunzea ambigua (tick bush), tagete, rose, magnolia, musk, nargamotha and tonka bean.

Aram ~ “Syria, from the roads of Damascus to the streets of Aleppo, // Earth-sand dust // Millennial Stones // Baths sources resources // Spirit above the waters // Spirit above the stones // A universal Love born // Syria Love” With notes of grapefruit, elemi, olibanum, artemisia, cistus, green tea, rose, gum ammoniac incense, cassie, tobacco, cedar, balms (benzoin, myrrh, olibanum) and vetiver.

Olivier Durbano Quartz Quantic 17:8 and Aram are available in 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

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