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Michael Kors has launched Extreme Journey, a new fragrance for men. Last year, the brand introduced Extreme Sky. Extreme Journey and Extreme Sky are flankers to 2014’s Michael Kors for Men, and follow 2019’s Extreme Rush.

Extreme Journey ~ “For the trailblazer who charts his own path. Introducing Michael Kors Extreme Journey, a woody spicy men’s fragrance radiating with the thrill of adventure. Capturing the rugged intensity of racing through Saharan sands, it’s a powerful blend that drives you deep into the dunes, where peppery aromatics, desert woods, and notes of worn leather run wild. Warm and raw, it’s an eau de toilette to heat up any occasion.” Available at Fragrance Direct in the UK in 100 ml Eau de Toilette.

Extreme Sky ~ “Inspired by the man who has everything he desires and sets no limits, this fragrance epitomises what it means to conquer the sky. This captivating fragrance will lift you to new heights with a sophisticated blend of cool spice, warm pink pepper and fresh, re-energizing bergamot. The heart reflects the rush of adrenaline, as woody juniper and earthy cedarwood combine with an ozonic accord. Finally, the base note erupts with earthy freshness, thanks to vetiver and sensual musk, which leave a powerful, masculine trail behind you.” Available at Escentual in the UK, in 40, 70 and 120 ml Eau de Toilette.

(via fragrancedirect.co.uk, escentual)

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