Lazy weekend poll ~ 6 questions for late August 2021 :: Now Smell This

A quick PSA: I am leaving Saturday for a family beach vacation (I’ve been to the beach already this year, but this is the first time my extended family is gathering in one place since 2019). I’ll be gone through next Saturday. Things will be even lazier around here than usual, so bear with me.

Meanwhile, 6 questions. As always, answer as many or as few as you like, or just talk about something else.

1. What fragrance are you wearing today?

2. What’s the next fragrance you’d like to try?

3. Do you wear fragrance every day, or do you take breaks, or …?

4. Is your current collection too small, too big or just right?

5. We haven’t done a pandemic poll since Memorial Day. If you’d like to share how your area is doing with Covid-19, or how the pandemic is affecting you lately, please do.

6. Share something wonderful with us! It can be anything — the most fun thing you did this summer (or winter), something delicious you ate, your latest binge-worthy TV series, the last good book you read, any fabulous news you recently received — really, anything.

Note: top image is Leisure: Taken at Galle Light House Hotel, Sri Lanka. [cropped] by Hash Milhan at flickr; some rights reserved.

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