Lazy weekend poll ~ 5 questions, Memorial Day weekend 2021 :: Now Smell This

An update of a pandemic poll we did in late March 2020, again in May, September, and then February. (Maybe this will be our last pandemic-related poll?) As always, answer as many or as few as you like, or just talk about something else.

1. Have you been vaccinated against covid-19? If not, and if you plan to be vaccinated, when do you expect you might get a shot? (Obviously not everybody is planning to be vaccinated, but ya’ll know we are not going to have a vaccine debate here, so no need to start a discussion on that topic, and for that matter we’re just sharing our news here, not debating anything covid-related.)

2. Rate the virus-related restrictions in your area from 1 to 5, with 1 being complete freedom of movement and 5 being complete lock down.*

3. If your area is back to normal (or opening up), are you continuing to restrict your own movements / exposure? What number would you assign to your own freedom of movement?

4. Are there any fragrances (or related items) you bought, or didn’t buy, just because of the pandemic? How else has the pandemic changed your fragrance shopping or usage?

5. What fragrance are you wearing today? And do share something — anything! — wonderful with us, including any plans you might have for the weekend.

Note: top image is Quail Springs area at sunset [cropped] by Joshua Tree National Park at flickr; public domain.

* You can interpret this however you like, but I will repeat a comment I left on the March 2020 poll: “To me a 3 is you can still go out to exercise; a 4 is you can go out to store but can’t wander about without an excuse like store or meds or something, and they don’t even want you taking a walk; a 5 is complete lock down & can’t even go to store.” So 1 would be no restrictions at all, and a 2 would be some restrictions (have to wear a mask? some types of establishments still closed? limiting number of people in a store, etc).

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