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Guerlain has repackaged their L’Art et la Matière collection, and added two new fragrances: Rose Chérie and Santal Pao Rosa. The new bottles can be customized with your choice of cord color, seal color, custom plates for the top of the cap, and personal engraving (see below).

Rose Chérie ~ “A declaration of love à la Guerlain, Rose Chérie pays tribute to the most cherished flower among perfumers. Heightened by an almond note, its trail reveals the beating heart of a delicate rose. This fragrance of romance is punctuated with soft, gauzy olfactory touches of tender green almond, pale pink petals, more pronounced pink raspberry notes and a mauve violet note. “Rose Chérie is the thrill of a kiss on a street corner, the enchantment of a carousel ride in Montmartre; it’s pure Parisian chic. C’est la vie en rose!” Delphine Jelk, Guerlain Perfumer”

Santal Pao Rosa ~ “Nature becomes Art as the strength of sandalwood is enveloped in tender rose petals. Between bark and blossom, a score of contrasts is underpinned by a refreshing, spicy overture played by cardamom and a darker base of agarwood and notes of myrrh. Santal Pao Rosa borrows its name from Guerlain’s heritage, with Pao Rosa being the title of a fragrance by Aimé Guerlain, created in 1877 and evoking an encounter between wood and rose. “Sandalwood can sometimes take on a rosy pink hue. Santal Pao Rosa is both woody strength and floral grace. It is like a sacred love.” Delphine Jelk, Guerlain Perfumer”

Guerlain Rose Chérie are available in 100 (€295) and 200 (€425) ml Eau de Parfum.* Shown just above is a selection of the plates and cord colors (there are more).

(via guerlain)

*The total price will depend on customization, if any. As near as I can tell, cord colors, seal colors (black or gold) and engraving are free. Some of the custom plates are no extra charge; others currently run from €120 – €2500.

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