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Gucci has launched A Gloaming Night, a new fragrance in The Alchemist’s Garden collection

A Gloaming Night eau de parfum enters The Alchemist’s Garden collection. A feeling captured within a bottle, the fragrance is an homage to the fleeting moment between the dusk and evening. Inspired by the colors of spectacular sunsets, the notes of A Gloaming Night work together, wrapping around one other to produce a unique aroma—just as the stripes of pink, purple, peach and red make way for darker shades along the horizon.

The warmth and elegance of the scent is dictated by Cinnamon, which wraps its spiciness soothingly around the enveloping woody Vetiver. Deep and dry, Patchouli strengthens the intensity, layering together in harmony like the colors of a sunset as they glow with the final warmth of the day before descending into darkness. Just as no two sunsets are the same from wherever you see them in the world, A Gloaming Night works alone or together with some of the collection’s oils and perfumed waters for a truly personalized finish like no other.

Gucci A Gloaming Night is available in 100 ml Eau de Parfum, $330. It was developed by perfumer Alberto Morillas.

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