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Diesel has launched Sound Of The Brave, a new flanker to 2009’s Only The Brave. Sound Of The Brave follows 2020’s Spirit Of The Brave Intense.

SOUND OF THE BRAVE is the newest ONLY THE BRAVE aftershave by Diesel that invites you to share your sound. Grabbing the lead mic is the newest Diesel ambassador SKEPTA, the hip-hop legend who embodies the traits of a true Brave man: courage, determination and self-confidence. Together, the Brave family and Skepta join forces to create an iconic music powerhouse. Join Skepta as a voice of your generation with Sound of the Brave by Diesel.

A vibrant freestyle fougere, Sound of the Brave is composed like a winning hip-hop track. The aftershave opens with a strong vibration of spices, with a heart of bison grass added to the mix. A sensual base of ambery wood and musk brings the winning bassline to this powerful composition. Enclosed in the iconic clenched fist bottle, lyrical vibrations energise the juice to an electric blue.

Diesel Sound Of The Brave is available at Boots in the UK, in 50 and 125 ml Eau de Toilette

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