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Chanel has launched Paris-Édimbourg, a new fragrance in the Les Eaux de Chanel collection.

An aromatic, woody fragrance that conjures the wild and majestic landscape of the Scottish Highlands, where Gabrielle Chanel found solace in nature.

A powerful burst of juniper berry and cypress evolves into a warm vetiver accord with earthy undertones and smoky accents, for a warm-yet-surprisingly-fresh scent. 


“Both fresh and woody, PARIS-ÉDIMBOURG could be the fragrance of a tweed jacket borrowed from the men’s wardrobe that was such an inspiration to Gabrielle Chanel.” — [Chanel house perfumer] Oliver Polge

Additional notes include lavender, cedar, vanilla and musks.

Les Eaux de Chanel Paris-Édimbourg is available in 50 or 125 ml Eau de Toilette.

(first quote via chanel, second quote via luxuryactivist)

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