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Niche line Byredo has launched Open Sky, a new limited edition unisex fragrance.  

Between departure and arrival lies a space, a vacuum that resembles a void – unfilled and vast. Open Sky explores this “in-between” space that belongs to neither side as it fills with anticipation, hope, excitement and memories. Travel, which has been relegated far into the background in the past months of foreclosure, is elevated to preciousness by Byredo through Open Sky’s homage.

[…] The citrus energy of pomelo, crisply spiced by a pinch of black pepper, forms the opening of this unique creation by Byredo. Hemp leaves surround its opening with calm, relaxing sounds – an obvious contrast from which a state of tense anticipation emerges. Carried by the sweet woody tones of palo santo and intoxicating vetiver, a seductive undertone unfolds, allowing Open Sky to tell of the abundance of possibilities, hopes and imponderables in a barely tangible place.

Byredo Open Sky is available now at Essenza Nobile in Germany, in 100 ml Eau de Parfum.


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