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Indie natural line Aftelier has launched Joie de Vert, a new green fragrance.

Joie de Vert (“Joy of Green”) perfume is a green dream of a fragrance inspired by my deep attachment to nature’s fantastical greenness. Twenty years ago, I had the good fortune to buy an artisanal batch of anise hyssop essential oil and fell in love with it on the spot — sadly I’ve never been able to source it again.

This oil is the perfect marriage of sweet licorice and bright, green herbalness making it the ideal focal point for this perfume. I juxtaposed it with the deep, loamy, wet-forest aroma of oakmoss to capture the high contrast inherent in wild nature. The substantive but light texture of the perfume relies on the extraordinarily tenacious and animalic fire tree oil, shaded by the soft vanilla facets of styrax resin. The perfume’s heart of orange flower absolute, elegantly spanning both heady floral and citrus, is tempered by the crispness of pear. An extraordinary Tunisian bitter orange was the right match of bitter and fresh, punctuated with a smidge of leafy green coriander, to balance the sweetness of anise hyssop.

Aftelier Joie de Vert is available in 30 ml Eau de Parfum ($210), or in 2 ($55) or 8 ($210) ml Parfum. Samples are also sold.

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